To gain recognition of the essential role grassroots music venues fulfil, not only for artist development but also for the cultural and music industries, the economy and local communities. We aim to preserve and improve venues, making them more efficient and improving the experience for performers and audiences.



The small venue circuit is where musicians learn their craft, it's the breeding ground for young artists. It's where they create a following, build a fanbase that take them to the record labels who go on to export them overseas. It's a multi million dollar industry that employs thousands of Kiwis up and down the country.

Grassroots venues are the foundation stone of live music and those first steps on a sticky stage are vital to any new performer. We need to work together to ensure a future for our musical heritage.


“Without the grassroots clubs, pubs and music venues my career could have been very different”

Sir Paul McCartney



The AGENT OF CHANGE Principle is not complicated or controversial, it’s simple common sense: AGENT OF CHANGE says that the person or business responsible for the change is responsible for managing the impact of the change.

This means that an apartment block to be built near an established live music venue would have to pay for soundproofing, while a live music venue opening in a residential area would be responsible for the costs. A resident who moves next door to a music venue would, in law, be assessed as having made that decision understanding that there’s going to be some music noise, and a music venue that buys a new PA would be expected to carry out tests to make sure its noise emissions don’t increase.

Agent of Change is so obvious and common sense that most people are amazed it isn't already part of NZ law. In Australia it's already being adopted, and the outcome is improved planning; venues working alongside their communities to manage their noise when it changes, developers making better residences that are fit for purpose.


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